Aug 25, 2009


Guru is the most important part of the human society of all times from Satyug to Kalyug. They have always played a significant role in transforming the society into a better place to live in. Such is the importance of Guru, that without whom Lord Rama would not have been assiduous, hardworking, peaceloving; Arjun would not have been such a brilliant warhero....
If there would not have been any Guru, we would have not seen the glories and
achievements of Sachin Tendulkar, Ratan Tata, C.V. Raman, Amartya Sen, Amitabh Bachhan, Abdul Kalam, Vishwanathan Anand and all the big guns of today.It is, as evident, is only because of Guru that they have achieved success in their lives.
Guru is always considered as an image of God, by the students, and they consider the students as their own ch
ildren, and inculcate in them their great knowledge and wisdom.
This immortal Guru-Shishya relation
ship has changed its face from time to time. In the old times , shishya use to go to ashrams for about 15 to 18 years, and live there untill they become fully matured to live in the society, to take their own decisions, under the guidance of Acharyas. Acharyas use to teach them every aspect of human life in this planet. At the end of such teaching, shishyas offer Guru-dakshina to their Gurus, which they accept benevolently. Those shishya were then sent back to their native places, to lead their life in the direction as they want. We have heard and read great examples of 'Guru-dakshina'; Eklavya offering his right thumb as a dakshina to Guru Dronacharya, who taught him bowarrowing in disguise.
This Guru-shishya relationship continued for thousands of years, and then slowly transformed to the relationship we see today in the form of schools, colleges, educational camps.
Now people pay money in periodic intervals of their educational life in place of Guru-dakshina of old times. It is not the form of dakshina that has changed, but the process of teaching as a whole is changed. One thing remains the same is to inculcate good values in students or shishya to make them able to live their lives happily, and this will continue forever.
But, is this Guru-shishya relationship only for the period of some years of a long life of human being.? Are the teachers in schools, colleges only the Gurus ? Isn’t there any other Guru in human life except them?
If Guru is one that gives us knowledge and ability to understand human life and nature, then end of school or college doesn’t mark the end of Guru in our lives. In fact Guru teaches us something or the other at every beat of our life and what is most important is to identify that Guru in our daily lives, and learn from them.
Everything that teaches us something about our life is Guru, and it is not marked by seniority of age i.e. a younger person can be your Guru for a moment, but important is to recognize him.
Small children, babies who can not walk, read eat properly are our Gurus because they teach us to smile, to be happy for ever; an ant is our Guru as it teaches us to undertake any task with perseverance and hard work, lizard is our Guru as it teaches us to help others by eating small insects crawling on walls in rainy seasons, and not only living beings, but any thing that teaches us to live our life in right direction is our Guru.
Water in a river teaches us to be in a state of motion, irrespective of whatever happens in our life, plants and trees teaches us to be benevolent, flowers by spreading its fragrance all around,teach us to share our good thoughts with the people.
In fact, every human being, living, non living things teach us something or the other, and are therefore Gurus of our daily lives.
Important is to understand these Gurus of our daily lives, learn from them and give them the respect that a Guru deserves.
It is only when we understand that every little thing in this universe, teach us something, tell us something to live our lives happily, only then will we be able to transform this planet to a better place to live in.
By doing this, we will welcome a new wave of positivity and immense happiness in our lives.