Dec 23, 2012

As simple as it can be #4

This brings the fourth one in the series ' As simple as it can be '. I hope you will find it good and interesting -

Eclairs- Is the currency of the contemporary world and is used-exchanged in every shopping complex and in a general store to avoid shortage of currency coins.

Society of service class people- Where in every action of a person is driven with utmost care in the set terms and conditions of the service period. Any extension of any kind of work in that society may lead a customer to face disrespectful and agitated behavior.

Media is the mainsail of a ship that is carrying the entire society to any wishful direction.

Colleague- Almost every colleague, not a friend, is someone in professional environment who tries to increase his good count in every found opportunity at your or somebody else’s cost

Dream- Man’s materialistic wish which cannot be controlled by any emotion. It can only change to another dream on the attainment of one.

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