Apr 28, 2012

As simple as it can be #3

This brings the third series of  'As simple as it can be'. I hope you will find it interesting....

Friend’s Wedding Procession: It is an occasion where in you are invited as unpaid random dancers.

Effective Communication: It happens when both the people have same level of language understanding.

Cell Phone: It is invented as a communicator device and is now slowly taking place of a gadget that is becoming a major contributor in the making of the flat world.

Politics: It is an activity that aims at having one’s own profit in every existing condition, event or place.

Human Body: It is the best machine existing in this world.

It is a series where in every thing can be defined in the simplest manner, however the definition can be changed from time to time; as they say everything moves, and change is the law of the nature.

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