Nov 19, 2011

As simple as it can be #1

In ‘As simple as it can be’, I will define this nature, this world, their mundane and philosophical interpretations and much more in the simplest way as they can be.

With first post of its kind, I will start with the most beautiful existing thing, i.e love. It's an irony that I have had many posts trying to define love, but this one is a single liner.

LOVE:  Feeling good about anything……

And then we have-

Engineer:  is a person who has the ability to come out from a deeper than the deepest ditch.

Advertisement:   makes you feel that you are connected with and a part of this world.

Physics:  Relative motion study of almost anything.

Wife: Emotional carrier of a man..

Here begins my search to define anything and everything in the simplest way. I welcome the suggestions from you all to make this series really entertaining, and  you are free to comment on and correct  my simplest interpretations.

Keep smiling!!!!!

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