Dec 20, 2010

I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!

I am feeling good to be back amongst all of you. I was enjoying my life these days, in my own way.

Actually, the truth is I was busy like hell with my office work, and irrespective of my ‘Office’ enabled cell phone, couldn’t find time for blogging and read books. I actually kept my mind busy with growling tension of work, and in that lost control over my mind to write or blog.

I am really feeling good, in penning down my thoughts, as this short time had given me epiphanies about myself, my present professional life, my future, and my aspirations with it. I came to the realization, that I should always know what am I doing, and not move blindfolded in my life.

In fact even right now I have more work than that before, but now I had come to the realization about my life and priorities in it.

I actually like doing my office work, as it relates to learning new things with each day, but then every other thing in life is a new learning, and it is only up to me to decide my actions.

These days helped me in understanding small things about life, and what I want from my life. I will be sharing my thoughts with you all, but at this time instead of boring you with my little philosophies, I should continue blogging.

One thing, I would like to share with you all, is started observing things that can be changed for its better use. It can be any general purpose thing. You can observe that while working, travelling, eating, reading, playing and living. My future posts, very soon be sharing my thoughts on it, and let me tell you they are gonna be technical, related to simple logics and engineering. This, I feel is the best habit that I have gained in these days. Please do share your thoughts with me, and I can assure you they will churn up your mind.

By the way, in these days, I have also finished 'The Lost Symbol' by Dan Brown. I cannot control my addiction for books, no matter however lost my mind is. So, catch its review in my next post.

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