Mar 6, 2010


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Mountains are moving, some high, some low, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Greenery is there, small huts are there like a patch on mountains; moving with great speed. This speed is then transcended to sloppy regions, to plain barren lands with no trace of life, but still moving with great speed. Some jerks are there; some vibes are there, and is rocketing fast and ready to blow. But hope is there that can always flow; and now the people and the houses are moving with same pride as the mountains before. The green fields, the people, the animals are moving with such a pace that eyes cannot trace. The vision got blurred and blurred, and finally everything became invisible in that glowing white light and Amay became mindful of himself sitting in a train. He found that same old lady sitting in front of him chanting some prayers, and a mother besides, who is busy playing with her child. A bony face man, with long hairs is haggling with fruit seller, and then he concluded that it might be there loud voice that brought him back to senses. He again started looking out the window; the train is crossing a bridge over a river, but now fully aware of the activities around him. That old lady dropped a coin in the river as a token of worship to goddess, and this river sight brought a glow to the face of a small kid playing with his mother. Two dudes passed their compartment, probably just peeking out for a pretty girl. He remembered his college days, when he, with his friends also use to play some pranks. He remembered college days as the only funny part of his life, and that brought a sweet smile on his face. He had great friends in the college, and some of them are still there, but some have long gone out of his reach, or there could be an opposite case also. He remembered one of his good friends Amol, with whom he had a fight on some trivial matter. Amay being short tempered, and a bit egoist made the statement to not to talk to him ever in his life again. It was obviously Amol’s mistake, and he realized it too, and tried to say sorry to him, and to start the same old friendship, but Amay didn’t give him a single chance. He saw two kids playing Gilli Danda in a field­, and sort of enjoying themselves. He again turned his face towards that small boy now sleeping in her mother’s lap. His thoughts again went back to those two guys playing that local sport, and he realized that they may be fighting with each other, or they may be playing. This came as an epiphany to him, and he thought that even some time before only train was moving, but his mind and heart allowed him to travel with proudy mountains, barren lands and green fields. ‘ chai, masale wali chai’…. He took a chai (tea), and also offered the old lady and the mother but they both politely declined his offer. So he continued alone to move further with his thoughts. He know that, it was not only Amol’s mistake, but he was also responsible for that had happened between them. Mountains again came back to his view, but this time train is moving and not the mountains. He understood the importance of way of looking at things. He came to the conclusion that both these events are somehow related to each other, for he didn’t realize his mistake at the time of his fight with Amol, and only after some time might be some days he realized his mistake. He also realized that, it is only time in one’s life that can create miracles in one’s life, for it has the ability to change the view of one’s thinking, and to look the thinks with entirely different angle. He looked at the small child slapping her mother, and gave it some thought and decided that he is playing with her cheeks. He realized that, with time, a person, his thinking also travels, which can change his personality, and can turn the things upside down. ‘Time only travels but remains same; it is the man that changes”
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