Dec 27, 2009


Have you ever felt two voices fighting within you? Have you ever been in a dilemma inside you? Have you ever been in a condition when your heart and mind fail to answer you?
I have been in such conditions lately, and so much puzzled, that I kept thinking about those things for day and night. My practicability is challenging my determination. To be very true, I don't know what I am writing, but to throw some more light on what I am trying to say is one has to be practical to live a happy and feasible life; and also determination is the most important ingredient to achieve success in life. But what happens, when these two crosses one others way, and you are forced to select one of them. Which one do you select, and why? What is more important of the two, practicability without which one would not be able to survive in this fast moving world, or determination without which even an easiest task can not be completed. I think that I am looking confused, but thats what I am, confused, puzzled, nonplussed. I believe that these situations might have come earlier in my life, and I have chosen one of the two and moved on, but then should I continue doing this, isn't their a way out????? One would say to it, that it could be decided on conditions, but whether that would be called a right decision or an adjustment with life. I have been thinking about this from quite a long time, but I didn't reach any conclusion, and so I don't have much to write on this one. I hope that I have not puzzled you, or have not wasted your time, but if you can get me, your suggestions are welcome. Related Posts with Thumbnails
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