Dec 13, 2009


Well, diversity amongst many of is boringly known as different caste, different religion, different cultures, different people, different language, different food, and the list goes on...and that too especially in India, the most diversified nation in the world; but the point is we do not think more than this about diversity. In my opinion, diversity has much greater meaning and importance in our lives, and it is also evident in all our cultural textbooks, that keep shouting and prouding about India being the most diversified nation. Diversity brings naturality, or heterogenity in the place, and that is very important, as this environment, this nature is in itself a much bigger heterogenous system; and that existence of diversity in our lives help us to be in resonance with the nature. I feel that the following two 'Potato Stories', would help you understand the importance of diversity in a new light- Ist story- Some hundred years back in Peru, farmers started habituating near a lake; and for their livlihood they started growing potatoes; potatoes in very large numbers, but they grew potatoes only of the same kind. At the initial years, they were very happy with large production of potatoes, but then as time passes by, the soil slowly started becoming devoid of minerals and nutrients needed for the proper growth of potato. Moreover, they also grew the same potato round the year, irrespective of the favoarable climatic conditions for potato. With time, that soil became completely infertile, and so much so that it resulted the greatest famine of the nearby area. The other story goes like this- In USA, in a region like that in Peru, people started growing potatoes, but the difference was, they grown hundereds of varieties of potatoes, and that every time maintained the fertility of soil for one kind of potato or the other, so soil never become depleted of the minerals, and there never came a famine, and the land was able to grow much nutritional food for the proper nourishment of the people. What happened, is that the most unfavorable climatic condition for one type of potato is actually the most favorable climatic conditions for other type of potato, so in this way that land had always produced potato of different varieties and of the best quality. The above two stories are in itself capable of indicating the importance of diversity, not only for one community or region, but for everything that exists on this planet and universe; as this planet is in itself a part of a much much bigger diversified universe. In similar manner, diversity should be there in each and every part of our life,whether it be in our friend circle, in our organization, in our cuisines, in our passions, hobbies, in our living style, in our language, in our accoutrements, in our family, in our blog, for it may knowingly and unknowingly help in achieving the happiness and goals of our life.
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