Nov 7, 2009

If I were a baby again..

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Hello, how are you??

Where were you, don't you know that I miss you so much, and nobody tells me where did you go.

Do you know, today also Mamma forcefully injected milk into my mouth, and nobody came to save me, not even you? Grand Ma standing over Mamma watched all this with watery eyes, but didn't interrupt, I don't know why.

You know, I like cow very much, she looks so simple and caring; but I don't understand why doesn't she speaks like my Mamma, Papa, Grand Ma. Whenever she comes at our home, and bang the gate with her horns (my God, so painful), Mamma would leave her work and run outside to give her chapati, and would touch her head and then to her and mine chest. I feel so good and protected whenever Mamma touches me, hugs me, kiss me. She loves me very much, more than anybody, even Papa, and I also love her. Papa would always bring different toys for me; he plays with me and becomes overprotected when I hurt myself in some mischief. I love him.

You don't know how sad I become, whenever I didn't see you, and you sometimes go absent for many days. Do you know Grand Ma relates it to my health problems on looking at my sad face? Can't you just come daily for my Grand Ma and me? I become so happy whenever I see you.

Please come daily Chanda Mama (Moon Uncle)

Promise me, otherwise I would tell BABAAAA to bite you.

Good Night

Sweet Dreams.

If I were a baby again, I would like to have this conversation with my Chanda Mama. Actually, I didn't remember anything of my childhood, and I think so nobody can; I was a bit puzzled as what would I do if I ever become a baby again, I then decided to watch daily activities of my one and a half year old niece Mauli, my sweetie, and then I found that she shares a special relationship with her Chanda Mama; whenever she cries, we take her to Chanda Mama, and she would stop crying, and would just stare at the Moon. I don't know what she looks at, but she instantly becomes happy and smiling.

I don't remember any such thing of my childhood that relates to my Chanda Mama, so I thought to have an opportunity to talk to Chanda Mama, and experience this beautiful relationship of a Baby and a Moon

I dedicate this post to my beautiful niece Mauli.

May you always smile in your life,

May you have your Chanda Mama, forever in your life.

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