Oct 14, 2009


Life... This has always puzzled me more, whenever I tried to understand it. When I think that I am into some sort of epiphany, or some kind of realization, then suddenly something unique would happen, and it would leave me like a lost child.

I have been reading quite a few philosophical books and articles these days, or I should say books with certain message, and I was happy to be able to relate them to my real life. There is one thing common in all the articles and books I read, is that all the living beings are connected through some force called Universe, and one should always be happy and smile whatever the case may be. But, again something unusual happened in my life, or in life around me, that sometimes made me think that the above condition is a paradox in itself. My mom being a very religious person has been to Mathura, for some religious ceremony. It has been decided that me, my grand maa, my brother and my sister in law would join her after some days, and will return back. But, me not interested in attending religious ceremonies, refused to accompany them, and preferred staying at home with dad. Everything was going good, up till two days before the day of their journey to Mathura, when sudden and unexpected death news of my sister in law's aunt arrived, and which prevented her from going. So, finally my brother and grand maa left. The day when they were about to return, floods took a massive shape in Karnataka, and all the trains of that route were cancelled from Mathura. My brother, mother and grand maa got stuck in Mathura railway station, not knowing what to do, and also it was Sharad Poornima that night, which attracted thousands of visitors to Mathura, and with all the luggage they have, they could not catch another train without reservation. On hearing the train cancellation news at home, we also got tensed, that how they will manage with so many luggages, as it was impossible for them to get reservation. But after some time, they found a way out, and hired a taxi. When this was all over, this incident gave me and my father good laughs, and we spent good time laughing on them and teasing them on phone. They all returned home safely, and we all together shared some laughing moments at their condition on railway station, with thousands of people around them, and they were standing there like a fool carrying luggage, with nowhere to go. Next morning, I came to know that floods in Karnataka had taken lives on 150 innocent people. At first I was normal, as the natural calamities have now days become a common thing, but when I related with the happenings of my life, I ended up puzzled. All the incidents proved, we all are connected through some force, as the floods in Karnataka, cancelled the train, which gave my family some laughing moments; but on the other hand there were lives of 150 innocent people, who have somehow became the reason for the happy moments of my family. But, should I be happy or sad for the floods?? This has raised a new question in my mind; this is one incident which I correlated, I don't know how many more similar incidents were responsible for my good times.

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