Oct 3, 2009


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She was in the hospital, living the pain, wanted a new beginning a new life, and then so much pain, that she screamed, and creases formed on her head, but she was happy from inside, her happiest day had come and her biggest wish was going to be true, and then more pain....screams...pain... screams.............
Crying sound took over everything around, and they all smiled, God smiled, and finally he smiled. Anju gave birth to Aman, her son, their son. Her husband Govind is filled with ecstasy on seeing him, his small face, hands, innocent sweet face, and then he thanked her with his smiling eyes filled with tears, and she became more happy on seeing Govind's happiness. He held up his part in both hands, and kissed his head, and then kissed her. They went to temple, to thank God, for their beautiful son, and promised Him, to take care of him, more than their life.
Govind is a simple man with a good job, and found a very caring, pure from heart life partner in her. They both weaved their life with love, mutual understanding, care, honesty, silly fights, respect and can-do-anythig-for-you feeling. They live for each other,they travelled unique and exotic places to enjoy life, and both felt that life is to live in the most happiest way, it can be lived, and if you are not happy with your life, then your life is wasted.
Aman's birth accompanied oceans of happiness in their lives, and he became their undetachable part. Their day starts with Aman's voice, his smile made them smile, and his cry were like knife in the heart.
She left her job, after Aman's birth, as she understood that Aman is above all the things in her life, and she can only take the best care of him, her home, and her husband, whom she love and respect. With time she understood that her husband always searched a supporter in her, and that it is her duty as a wife to support him and respect him.
Govind loved his wife very much, and that loved increased after Aman's birth, and that he got to the reality that it is only her in this world, and their son that completes him.
Aman played, studied, cried, ate in their home, in his home. He loved and respected his parents, for him, they were the only people whom he could go to at any beat. He shared everything with his mother of his friends, school, teachers. He played with his father when there was no one to play with him. Her mother made all the good dishes to him.
Govind and Anju were his friends while playing, teacher while making him study, his moral supporter when he loses a game, or gets low marks, his party maker when he wins something. They were his everything.
He respected his parents, and listened to what they said without a second thought. He learned socialising with the people from his father, and his mother taught him to live a life in a better and correct way. He knew that, it is only because of their selfless love, their moral teachings, their hard work, and their hard earned money, that today he is able to stand in his feets and can face the not-so-good world. He believes his duty to repect them and take care of them.
He started earning, made good friends in life, married to a lovely girl; and they continued their life happily like Govind and Anju.
They all lived happily ever after.
Govind, Anju and Aman's life is my dream, your dream, and an INDIAN DREAM. But, but, but..with the changing times priorities of life has taken the steep turn, as love, respect and care for each other is replaced by money, physical pleasures and greed, and this has dramatically changed the shape of a common INDIAN DREAM.
Everybody is on the run for honey and money. Money is obviously the necessary part of today's life, and honey has always been the lovable part. But their meanings and importance has changed, as life has been wrongly judged as a run for lust and moolah, by the young minds of this generation.
World is moving very fast, but sadly thinking of today's people is not able to keep pace with the world, and their lift of dream is entangled in the nest of lucre and lecherousness.
To live a happy and a life of one's dream, one has to come out from this nest of money, and has to feel and experience the beautiful feelings and emotions of nature in the form of love, care and respect for each other.

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