May 24, 2020

As Simple As It Can Be #8

I, after a long time, bring to you the eighth post in the series As simple As It Can Be.

But this time I am writing it in a different tone than the earlier posts.  I ask myself that what can be called as a simple life and who lives a simple life?

Well, Is simplicity defined by the era we live in, or in  the age we are born in? Is it defined by the culture that we adopt or by our beliefs, education system and skill nourishment in  the course of the life?

 I would say that I live a simple life as I have a car, a flat, an internet connection and I live in a metro.

Let us imagine if I travel back in time and meet a person who lived 200 years ago. That person also loves blogging and intends to write this post. He would, I presume, say that I live a simple life if I get a food to eat, and a shelter to sleep under. 
This definition of simplicity will further change if I travel 1000 years ago. 

It also depends on person who defines simplicity, for example Bill Gates will have a different definition than what I write. So what actually is simplicity? 

The more I  write , the more it baffles me. It can not and should not change with time or the social status of a being. I therefore could only come to one conclusion-

Simplicity is living in resonance with nature. It is to live in resonance with the people around you. It is to live a life without an emotion of extreme jealousy, hatred and greed. It is also to live a life without an emotion of extreme love and care. A being who has a stable mind and heart and who is unaffected or less affected by the melange of mundane emotions is living a simple life. A being  whose actions are defined by his thoughts and who is always ready to  adapt the change in life lives a simple life. 

It then doesn’t matter if he belongs to now, or thousands of years back, or if he is the richest man or a poor. This simplicity in reality is the ultimate source of happiness, and is the only way to live a meaningful and a contended life.

Keep Smiling :)

Jan 12, 2019

The Killings in November

BOOK REVIEW: The Killings in November
AUTHOR: Rajesh Talwar

 This is a play enacted and  well suited for Delhi and revolved around people who were afraid and shit scared with the mysterious killings that had happened there in the November month.

The play started when the police would appoint two well known investigators to find the killer and it gave the impression in the beginning that this would be a thrilling chase between them and the killer. However soon the story deviated from this theme to build other parallel stories in order to connect all of them at the end.. I felt here author had lost me as it became little boring and I was just wandering when would they come to the main story.  Although the main theme of the play was unique but the portrayal could be much much better, and also ofcourse it was in no way close to a thrilling or a surprising end.

On the whole, this one was a little less interesting for me. This was the first time that I had read a play and I did not really like the experience , and am not sure if in future I would take up a play to read.

Happy Reading to all.

Apr 26, 2018

Deaddicting Yourself

Do you have a habit that you want to get rid off but are so addicted to it that you have no idea -How To Do That? Do you realize that a particular trait is actually bad but you are helpless if you try to leave those habits or traits?Do you want to leave habit of sipping tea, smoking every hour, drinking every night or for that matter watching porn?

This, really, is not a difficult task and you can get rid of these unworthy habits in no time. The most important action in this entire deaddiction process is to sincerely write down your likes and dislikes on a piece of paper? Once you do that you only have to replace your addicted habit with  another worthy habit that you would like.

Leaving Tea/Smoking

For example, if you want to leave tea/smoking, that today gets you out of your headache and tension in a matter of a sip, then you have to write down what all other snacks that you like eating the most or what other drinks you like the most. Keep those nuts, cashews, cookies, or a juice handy with you and have it whenever you have that urge of sipping tea. It is also very important to realize that addiction is only because of one's inability to believe - that addiction is purely in mind and nowhere else. It is not the addiction of a habit but it actually is an addiction of  a thought process, which resists the change.
It is not that only tea could relieve you of the nervousness but even a good light banter with your close friend can do that.

Deaddiction from Porn

If you want to leave watching porn then try to find out what else could you do when you waste your time? May be you could talk with somebody, or watch any other romcom, listen songs or if you are a reader then can also read something interesting. Doing anything once in a while is ok, and it would not mean that you are addicted.

Getting rid of Workaholism

And, if you want to get rid of your workaholic nature, mind you that it is also an addiction and can ruin your social and personal life with no big gain whatsoever in return. You would realize it later that it is not your workaholism that matters for a success in professional life, but what matters is your attitude, approach to work, and how your performance is linked to company's requirements.  Let's come to the point where you have realized that you are addicted to work, then to deaddict  you would just have to call your friends and family or start gymming or playing something that would excite you more than your work.

Sometimes you would be nowhere even after above efforts, and it would indicate that your patience and state of mind does not have that control over a particular habit. You then need to develop patience and control over your mind through meditation. You  need to sit silently close eyes and concentrate on your breathing daily for a minute or two and then slowly increase it to five minutes. This much discipline over a period of time is enough to develop patience and ability to control your thoughts and  that would  be the milestone of your journey to deaddiction.

P.S-Let me know if you want to leave a habit but unable to do so, and we can discuss on how to deaddict you of an unworthy habit.

Apr 4, 2018

Office Politics

I have now started having headaches on daily basis. Is it a disease , No I don't think so then what could it be,  and the cause keeps boggling my mind. I realized that it is the office politics that keeps my head burning at a faster rate than my heart. 

Welcome to Office Politics when you know that your intentions are right, and you also know that some other person is trying to let you down and snatch things from your pocket, when you know that somebody wants to let you down because you have been favored by his enemy and  that somebody is posing a good picture infront of you but in reality it is a doublecross.

When you know that you donot have any such characteristics then you have to think about this and devise your strategy. You have to be very careful while dealing with people because your words and your hardwork can be used anywhere without your knowledge. Is this kind of workculture good in office? Certainly not, but as per most of the people it is the hardreality of workculture globally.

What you should intend to do in such a situation is do your bit, talk openly and good about people, market your work at right time, keep patience and leave everything else. Doing this might unknowingly put you in the control of the situation, and results will fall in place. You should try meditating to prevent headaches and relieve you from irrelevant and trivial thoughts. Some cases might be so dangerous that it would become impossible for you to survive, so better leave that place but bear in mind that take all the the benefits that you can from there.

Most important thing in all of this is to remember your aim which is to grow professionaly, be wise, earn money and lead a happy life.

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Feb 18, 2017


Last week I was watching a talk show wherin one of my favorite actors Akshaye Kumar was taking to the audience and said, "It is 30 % hardwork and 60-70%luck or fate that decides success for someone".

 I partly agree and partly disagree to this statement, and  not that I started thinking  when I watched this show, but infact this thought had been lingering in my mind since many years and I had always thought about this whenever I succeeded or failed  in my life. I use to roam around in my room or in open space on terrace that was I so bad that I deserved a failure or did I really work that hard that I achieved  success. I use to laugh and feel happy on my success and use to cry and feel bad on my failure. I gave credit to my hardwork and my passion on my success and gave credit to my fate on my failure. I, because of all my successes and failures in life do say that I partly agree and partly disagree. 

I never had clear thoughts on this but now decided to write down something, and may be in the process I would clear that vagueness from my thought process.. I understand that there is not  a perfect explanation to this but I am writing what I think and believe at this point of my life. 

Astrology is a science that has the ability to tell or predict  a person's future, or in simple words I should say that it is a science to tell what is stored in someone's fate. I do not know how Astrology works and how is it able to predict future, and the only thing I have heard about is it happens with some calculation related to movement of stars. The rest of the theory is vague to me, and I also refrain from going to a fortuneteller, because I get biased if he predicts something and then I would start working only in that direction and not think of other directions. I want to be free in my life and not guided by some fortuneteller's predictions.

I have read many books as well and have almost lived half or a bit lesser life and with my experiences of life and the books that I have read , I believe that it is only your work, will power, dedication and decisions that builds your career. It is that innerdrive within a person that makes him or her go to any extent of dedication to achieve success. I use to believe this as the only criteria to achieve success and whatever I want in my life.

But  even with this, I have felt and experienced that some people do not attain success or get what they actually wished for. There had been people who worked so hard in their lives but did not earn enough or experience success and happiness in their lifetime.  I then found that there was one piece missing to that conclusion about achieving success, and may be then I should end this mind debate. I realized this when I was watching one of the sitcoms and  in that people were praying and were asking  for well wishes for the protagonist. I thought that it was a natural phenomenon that people in their life  ask god for good health of an ill person, pray for each other, talk good about someone they like, and this phenomenon is so closely connected with an aphorism  that only the things that you attract with your actions and thoughts will come back to you.I have always believed in this but have never thought that it would be the missing link in my thoughts about fate and hardwork. In other words, it says that the more you exude positive vibrations, more of that optimism will come back to you. 

When you are good with somebody, talk well, then the other guy will think good of you, might even pray for your success and will exude good vibes about you in this world, and that goodness of the other guy about you will also come back to you. This happens because you have been good with that person. Everyone has well wishes of their family or loved ones but they might not be sufficient for your success because you not only interact with your family but with innumberable of people in your lifetime and you leave your footprints in their minds and hearts about yourself. All these people, with whom you interact, leave a footprint with their good or bad thoughts about you outside. These footprints or thoughtprints, I should say, shape your life coupled with your work and dedication. This is how I define and understand the role of fate in our lives and i.e actually our own thought prints which is returned to us. The combination of these thoughtprints and that inner drive to achieve success looks to be a real mantra for achieving success, and their proportion in our lives could be different like one can be lower and the latter can be higher. I can not even prove this to myself, but this looks more meaningful when I see around and observe lives of different people. 

I think that I have never been bad to anyone but then my mind debates that have I always worked hard and have that wall like determination to succeed, and my other heart goes silent and does not have a reply to this claim, and then think that I have to balance that proportion to achieve success. I do not know if this is right or wrong, but it is about what decisions you take with your life and how you want to shape your life. I think this is a better way of living up your life, and leave good thoughtprints about yourself with everyone out there.

Be Good to Everyone and the Best will come back to You.

P.S: There is actually more to this because what about those people who are born in poor families or are alone with their birth. Did they get enough chance to be good to everyone out and give the best of their effots in their life? Well, this requires another post and more thoughts. Till then , Keep smiling and take care....